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Making a Neighborhood: My Grandmother's Pie

(Image courtesy of My Grandmother's Pie)

On today's Making a Neighborhood blog, we're talking to Allison D'Aurizio of My Grandmother's Pie. This Springfield resident has been creating delectable baked goods since 2009, when her and her husband were liivng in South Carolina. Named after her grandmother, who had the biggest influence in Allison's life (and also made a legendary pecan pie), My Grandmother's Pie has been a Jacksonville favorite since 2013. 

What makes My Grandmothers Pie unique?    

We are always looking for what's in season. We glean inspiration from the farmers markets, whether it's sweet or savory ingredients.



How would you describe your products to someone who has never heard of them?


We pride ourselves on making real honest, hand crafted food. We create unique combinations and fresh perspective on traditional flavor combinations, from galettes and hand pies to decedent brownies.


(Image courtesy of My Grandmother's Pie)


What is your favorite and the most popular My Grandmother's Pie product?


The most popular item on the block are our savory galettes. My favorite thing to bake right now are our muffins. It may sound bland, but, believe me, it is any thing but. I have people tell me weekly the muffins might be the best thing they've ever tasted. Blackberry pistachio crumble is my favorite with cherry Thai basil coming in a close second.



Where can people find your products?


We are at the Riverside Arts Market in the Provision booth and at the Beaches Green Market in Jarboe Park at Neptune Beach.


How has My Grandmother's Pie grown since you started the business?


We have grown by leaps! We have a lovely following, and our customers are looking for ways to support local farmers and artisan producers. 


(Image courtesy of My Grandmother's Pie)


Has anyone shared a unique story about your products?


We have a customer who gives her mother the Pie of the Month Club every year for Christmas. She lives in a retirement high rise and it's a way for her to get out and be more social. We deliver it the same day of the month and she has neighbors over for coffee and pie.


What is your favorite aspect of the Springfield neighborhood?

Everyone talks about the great, huge community; but for us it's more about the smaller relationships: the next-door neighbors, the friends down the street, it feels like neighborhoods did when I was growing up.



What are your favorite restaurants in the area? 

There is a great Mediterranean restuarant near 6th and Main streets called Waffa N Mike's Cafe that have fantastic falafel.



What are your favorite family friendly activities in the area?

PorchFest is probably our favorite!




Thank you so much to Allison D'Aurizio for talking with us. Allison recently announced that My Grandmother's Pie will be expanding to a storefront in Springfield, and taking the name "Flour & Fig Bakehouse". You can read more about this expansion here. Making a Neighborhood is a Bloom Realty blog series featuring interviews with business owners, creatives, local legends and more; all of whom make a difference in Jacksonville historic neighborhoods. Learn more here




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